Friday, February 24, 2012

Thoughts on New Blogger Templates and Lack of Videos

I really wanted to use the new template. I really did.

They're really beautiful and I even tried it. I changed the color schemes and fonts and it looked really good. I didn't like that:

  1. There was a bar under the main one that always remained there for different views of the blog. I wondered why I couldn't choose just one view instead of having to put all 8 of them up there.
  2. No widgets or sidebar. I like my links, Twitter feed, Youtube, etc. widgets there and this template unfortunately didn't have that option.
If you have a simple blog, I suggest for you to try it out (but don't make it cookie cutter and leave it default. Change the color scheme or something). But for me, it lacks stuff that I need.

You also may be wondering if I'm dead because I haven't been making videos lately. I've been working on the Planet Minecraft Resort Contest (which me and my friend are going to win) and it's been taking up the majority of my time. Once it is done, things should start to come back up to regular although I have some pretty important tests, concerts, and things of that nature coming up so sorry for all the delays!

- Aidan