Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Server is now 1.8 Bukkit!

Great news! The Moog/Thimble Lake City server is now 1.8 Bukkit!

That's not to say everything is good. Here are the problems I've noticed. (Edit's are in bold)
  • Citizens doesn't work.
  • You can't walk through doors (Use a compass). (Well, it seems you can walk through a single door, not a double door)
  • Some doors appear to be missing?
And that's pretty much all that I've noticed. I'll post any more problems that come up. Bukkit will probably have a stable release soon so I don't think this will last for much longer.

Happy 1.8ing

- Aidan

Edit: Added two items

Edit 2: Bukkit had a stable release a while ago. All problems above are fixed.

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