Thursday, April 19, 2012

Say Goodbye to 1080p (for now) and Hello to New Recording Solutions!

There is sad news on this day,

So let me give you kind of a back story. I use Voila for screen recording my computer. Overall, it's okay. I would like to have the option to record 30fps video, but 25 is pretty good. Anyway there's one fatal flaw: whenever I play games at 1080p resolution while recording, every once in a while a key will get "stuck", that is if you were to press the "W" key in Minecraft you would keep going forward until you pressed "W" again. This happened frequently enough where I started to look for alternative programs. I scoured the Interwebs in order to find some solution. Alas, there were no solutions for this bug. I'm not sure whether I'm going to file a bug report or something since I have found a workaround. It turns out I have to change my screen resolution to 720p and thus record in that resolution. I just played Minecraft and Portal 2 and they both performed great (Minecraft got 35-45fps) and best of all I never got the bug. So, the point here is I won't be doing many 1080p videos until I get my new recording setup, which I'm going to talk about in the paragraph below.

There she is, the AVerMedia Game Capture HD. This is going to be the focal point for my new recording setup. I talked about this a long time ago in a Skyblock video, but I'm going to talk about this in a new video that I will make sometime. What this does is it records footage from a composite input. That means that the computer does absolutely no work. And it records 1080i! Although this looks slightly worse than 1080p, it looks very close to it. But since I am a videophile (?), what I'm going to do is get a HDMI splitter, split one HDMI cable to my monitor and another to an HDMI to composite converter which will then go to the box. Thus I get the best quality while still being able to record at a high resolution. All of this will run my approximately $210. You may be wondering, "Is it worth it just to record more pixels?". Well, if you don't know I have a PS3, Wii, and Nintendo 64 and my friend has an XBox 360 and an SNES (I don't know if you'd be able to record that though). So, this means I can record a lot more games by myself and with friends as well as vintage ones too. So in my opinion it is definitely worth it. I am very excited for when I will be able to produce more content in high qualitie.

There's one slight problem: I don't have $210. That's what I will be saving up for. I am hoping to have enough money to buy it by sometime in Summer (or maybe I could get it for my birthday. Who knows!?), assuming I don't spend it on Indie Game Bundles and iOS apps.

Oh look! Is that a new Indie Royal Bundle?!

- Aidan

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