Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Video (Kind of) + New Painterly Pack + Moog/Thimble Schematics

Hey everyone,

There is lots of stuff in this blog post.

First, I uploaded a video like 6 hours ago and it still hasn't showed up on Youtube. When I get up in the morning I'll check to see if it's there or not. I'll try uploading it again if it's not. The new video is about the new stuff in Moog City (of course) as well as a tour of Thimble Lake city, a city that my friend created and that has been moved into the same world as Moog City. Edit: It still hasn't shown up. I have just started re-uploading it to see if that works. Edit 2: The video is up!

Painterly Pack had a major update on my birthday (the 24th). It now has texture support for lots of mods (none of which I use). Nonetheless, I have updated my texture pack with textures that I like for all the supported mods so you can have those sweet Painterly textures for your mods. Download it here:

Finally, I've decided to put up major buildings in both cities as MCEDit .schematic files so if you have MCEDit, you can put them in your single/multiplayer worlds. I do have one request. If any of the schematics are shown in a video/picture, I would ask that you'd link to either here, or my Youtube channel ( You can link to the Through the Mines website when it's finished. I'll let you know when that is. Here is the download:

Summer Checklist:
- Finish Flickr Photos
- Upload High Resolution Photos
- Put some High Res photos on
- Create a different type of video (I can't just keep showing you Moog city!)
- Finish Through the Mines website.

Did I miss something?

- Aidan

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