Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Discontinuing Custom Painterly Pack

Hi everyone. Please don't yell at me.

As the title suggests I am discontinuing my custom Painterly Pack. I will probably take down the pack download tomorrow and after that will slowly weed out the links wherever I have posted them. You may be asking "Why has he done this!?". Well, it's definetly not because I don't like the Painterly textures, they are great. But, I have two reasons.
  1. It takes a long time to make a custom pack. It usually takes me 30 minutes to make one pack and Painterly usually has frequent updates.
  2. I don't prefer the Painterly Textures anymore. I will still be putting out my custom John Smith pack because I actually use that one unlike the Painterly one. I also sometimes will use the default pack and Faithful pack found here: http://bit.ly/u4TH1p.
Once again, I'm not saying Painterly is bad, it's just that I have found packs that better suit me. You can still go to painterlypack.net and make your own.

Sorry for any inconvience,

- Aidan

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