Saturday, January 7, 2012

Please Read if You Go on the Moog/Thimble Lake City Server!

Hi Minecrafters,

The reason your reading this is that I just recently got an app that allows you to manage most of your server from an iOS device. That means no more going on LogMeIn and squinting anymore! But what it means for you is a new way to contact me if I happen to be either on my iPad or iPhone. Just type /calladmin mystupidreason(justkidding) and it will send me a push notification on my devices telling me that you're in need of help. Also, I can respond to you very promptly since this app has a built in chat feature with which I can chat with you through the app. If I for some reason can't be reached by this, then texting to my number is fine. I would prefer this however because it tells me that someone needs help on the server. Not only will this app help me with chatting, but, like I mentioned earlier, I can basically doing everything from my phone which will prove very useful for fixing things on the go.

Don't spam me,

- Aidan

P.S: If your wondering what this app is called, it's called Adminium. Get it at It requires Bukkit and knowledge of working with a server (installing plugins, editing config files, etc.).

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