Thursday, January 26, 2012

Through the Mines is on Google+

Hello everyone,

Today, Google announced that it had added new safety features to Google+ to protect teenagers from the "dangers of the internet" so I made an account today and got myself a little situated. If you're a teenager (Read: 13 and over) and want to join Google+, just go to (log in to your Google account if you have one and if you don't, I'm pretty sure there's a button on in the top right hand corner that lets you create one) and click on the "+You" button in the top left hand corner (in the picture above) and Google will do the rest.

So once you do that (or if you already did that) click here to go to the Through the Mines page:

If you added this page to your circle (I sound cool) then thanks and I'll (try) to post stuff.

Happy Google+ing? (I don't know how you're supposed to say it)

- Aidan

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