Friday, November 23, 2012

Commission Info for Rainbow Foxy and Aidan Jones

So, you've come here to know how to do commissions with Rainbow Foxy and/or commission music from me (Aidan Jones). Read on to find out! It's pretty simple:

If you have a Paypal
  1. Log into your Paypal and at the bar at the top, click the tab that says "Send Money"
  2. In the form you see below in the box that says "To", put in this email address:
  3. Then, in the "Amount" box put in the amount of money that you and Rainbow Foxy have agreed upon as a price. Don't try to charge less or something because I always double check the price with Rainbow Foxy. Also, if you would like a thirty second piece of music from me, add $3.00 to the total price (Scroll down more to find out more about this music from me). If you are just looking to commission me for music, just put in $3 for every thirty second song you request.
  4. In the "Purchase" box, make sure the "Goods" selection is checked and click "Continue"
  5. This will bring you to a page to confirm all of the information that you have previously entered. Double check to see that all of your information is correct and then if you're ordering music from me type in the message box at the bottom of your screen what type of music you would like me to make. See the bottom of this post for what to say when explaining what type of music you want. If you're not ordering music, just click the "Send Money" button at the bottom after confirming your information and you're done!
If You Don't Have a Paypal

First of all, you do not need a Paypal in order to order these commissions! Just send me an email at and I will talk with you and send you a Paypal invoice. With this invoice, you can use a debit, credit, or bank account to pay without having a Paypal account. While you're talking with me you can tell me what kind of music you want if you ordered any.

If You Want Music

So, previously I said I would give out a thirty second piece of music free with any commission of Rainbow Foxy's work. What I found out after doing one piece of music is that it takes a while just to do thirty seconds of music. For example, the first piece of music that I completed "Rue's Getting Angry" (Soundcloud Link) took about six hours. That's a lot of time! And plus I have about four more of those to do so you can see how much time that will take me. The reason I spend so much time on these is I want to create good, quality music. If you listen to the piece I linked to above, you'll tell that work went into it and I myself am quite proud on how it turned out. All I'm asking for is $3 added to the price of the commission you're buying from Rainbow Foxy for an original, thirty second piece of music. You can also commission me separately from Rainbow Foxy's artwork by contacting me on Twitter or via my email. Also, for people who already purchased a commission from Rainbow Foxy, you will not need to pay extra for your music; you will still be getting it free. However, any commissions from after 1:26 PST on November 22nd on will need to pay the $3 requested.

But why is it $3 for a thirty second piece of music? I can get full length songs elsewhere for only a dollar! 

At first, this does seem like I'm ripping people off, I can understand that. But, here's my reasoning: people who make a song $1 usually have a good amount of people buy it. So, if you make a song $1 and 20 people buy it, that's twenty bucks right there (assuming you're using a service that gives you the entire profit) and usually more people would buy your song than just twenty. However, in my situation, I am spending a good chunk of time making a quality song and getting money from only one person. In other words, I will only be getting $3 total from the song and none more. After I make a song for a specific person, I put it up on Soundcloud so that people can listen to and download it freely and can use it adhering to the Creative Commons license. People could then possibly think, "Hey, this guy is pretty good at making music! He gives out his music to the public for free use and I'd like to support him and get some personalized music from him that I would personally enjoy for only $3". I am using this system because I am not popular enough to invest hours upon hours making a full length song (or even more crazily) or album and expecting people to buy it. Not enough people know about me for word to spread about this album/song so that I would get fairly compensated for my work. Thus, I have to start small and build a musical portfolio so if and when I eventually grow a big enough fan base for my work, I can start making songs and/or albums and sell them at the general price of $1/song and $10/album. Another reason why it's worth the money is that with a standard mp3 version of the song you can download on Soundcloud, you (and you only if you so want it to be that way; you can always distribute the link to the higher quality version or whatever I give you) will have access to the highest quality version of the song (usually in .aiff CD quality format). And, if you so request it, you can have access to the original Garageband and/or Logic Pro project files that I used to create this music as well as access to the album artwork that I happen to make. So, basically you'd be getting a lot more than buying a song off of iTunes. 

I'm ordering music and I want a specific type of music. Are there examples of what I should say?

First of all, you can request any instrumental musical genre that can be done with a keyboard/synthesizer and music editing software (I can't sing so don't ask for any singing). When describing what you want, you can use genres such as Classical, Jazz, Latin, Electronic, etc. Or you could use adjectives such as dark and haunting or happy and light. Or a combination (e.g. Happy and Light Electronic music). And furthermore you can reference an existing song and say you want something that sounds similar to it. And if you’re feeling lucky, you can just let me make a surprise piece of music for you :)

What if I want to commission a song that's longer than thirty seconds for a higher price?

I would gladly do that except, unfortunately, I have a life. I am in high school and it's very time consuming. So, I only really have time for thirty second commissions right now. I guess I could take longer than thirty second commissions but it would take a very long time for it to get to you so I'm going to have to say no to those for now. In the future I might consider it, but for now the answer is no, sorry.

And I think that pretty much covers it! If you have any questions, feel free to talk to me on Twitter @throughthemines or email me at 

If you do decide to order music from me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means so much to me when people have in interest in what I do and getting paid for it is wonderful. And please, if you could, tell your friends about my music if it's something you think they'd be interested in.

And if you order from Rainbow Foxy, I know she appreciates it a lot so thank you for that as well!

So, thanks for reading and I hope you'll find an interest in both of our works,

 - Aidan

Also, this exact same post is on my FurAffinity page if you're interested

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