Sunday, November 11, 2012

Screw You EA

So, I had this great idea for a series. It was called Keeping Up With the Jones' and it was in Sims 3. I was going to do a whole series in it, taking care of myself and my family and seeing how they progressed. It was a great idea because this could last a long time and it could be fun watching a family grow and someone commentating on it.

But no, EA just had to put copyright infringement on my video even though I never mentioned owning any of the content I posted; it also put my account in bad standing.

So I had to delete the video.

Thanks a bunch EA.

I realize that people can infringe on copyrights. But do you have to automatically give me a mark on my, I think, totally clean record, tell me "Take down your video or else your account will be in bad standing", and ban it worldwide? Really? All while I was promoting your game. I told people I like the Sims 3 and that it's a fun game.

I've put up a lot of videos from big publishers (an example being Valve) and I've very rarely gotten copyright infringement. I've gotten copyright infringement notices three times not including this one and two of them weren't legit and the other one I handled correctly. But I don't want to mess with EA. They have too much power and I'd probably lose my case which would further damage my Youtube reputation.

So, I'm sorry EA and I will never promote or do a Let's Play of one your games ever again since you don't seem to like it.


 - Aidan

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