Thursday, March 1, 2012

1.2 and the Server [Edit: It's up!]

Basically the server will not be up until some of the basic plugins are working and until a beta version of Bukkit is out.

I rely on some plugins to make the server function. The ones I need are Essentials and Multiworld. Also, I do not want to run a developmental version of Bukkit because as it is, I am taking a risk with the beta.

So, sorry for the wait. Once these things happen, you'll be able to get on and build as you please.

Oh, and Redstone Lanterns and upside down stairs! 256 Height Limit!

Minecraft is awesome.

(Not to mention jungles)

Edit: The server is now running a developmental version of Bukkit. Everything seems to be working okay. If anything goes wrong, I have backups. The only problem is that the majority of the plugins were lost. I have Essentials and Multiworld though and they work great! If there are any issues, make sure to contact me.

- Aidan

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