Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dynmap just got Sexier


In effort to prepare my server for more of a public release, I decided to work on Dynmap which, if you don't know, is a plugin that allows you to display a webpage of your Minecraft map in real time (I did a post on this when I first figured it out a long time ago). The reason I'm making a whole post dedicated to this is because I really polished it up. Now when you go there (, you will see not only the map and the current players, but you will see all the warps and homes. This is thanks to a plugin to dynmap (pluginception) called Dynmap-Essentials. +8 Nerd Points. Also, if you go to the arrow on the left you'll see a sidebar pop out with most of the worlds on there. Almost all the maps on the server are now on Dynmap so you can stalk your friends in all the worlds! I decided to not put the Survival map on there since I like vanilla pure vanilla. I don't want people not making maps and just letting a computer do it for them; that's cheating. But all the other maps are on there. I will probably also map the Skylands (you will not be able to go to that map though. It's for the series only!).

Next I will probably work on some sort of permissions system, probably after my CM test this Saturday. After that test, there's nothing major going on so it will be back to my regular schedule. That means more videos and especially more Minecraft!

- Aidan

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