Monday, March 5, 2012

The Tragedy of the Survival Server, Future Server Plans, and a Redstone World?

Sorry for the title. I just got finished reading Romeo and Juliet.
Anyway, today is a sad day for the Survival Server and, I guess, Lethaldrive because I'm 99% sure that I will be canceling the service.

¿Por que? Because no one has been on it since Skylands. That's the only thing we've used it for other then when we actually used it as a server in beta 1.8.
But, there is another server on the horizon as I will trying out another hosting company called VMLWeb. They host servers and make games (If you have a Mac, I suggest you get Shotgun FunFun. It's a nice little free game on the Mac App Store) and they seemed like the best choice after comparing about ten other services on So, once I get it working (more on that later) I will transfer the Moog City/Thimble Lake Server to this server. This means no more

  • "Can't keep ups!"

  • Downtime. The only time that it will be down is when I'm working on it.

  • Lag. Hopefully. Since the server gets 1 GB of its own RAM and it only usually uses 800 MB it should be pretty smooth. 

Plus, I get all of my RAM/CPU again!
But there's one slight problem.
When checking out with Paypal, I got a message that said "The recipient is currently available to take money at this time". So, I can't actually buy the server yet let alone use it so I sent a support ticked to them and hopefully they will reply soon. I will give you more information about this as it becomes available.

Edit: The hosting company has resolved the issues with Paypal and I am able to buy the server now. I am not going to buy it until Saturday however because I am very busy today and a little tomorrow.

And maybe your eyebrows perked up when you saw the title mentioned something about a redstone world. I like redstone and it usually requires a lot of space. So, what I'll probably do is make another world called the Redstone World or something similar and make it part of Multiworld so you can teleport there and create huge redstone creations.
If your reading this and wondering if you can get on this server (99% uptime is great for everyone) then just contact me via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Youtube.
Thanks for reading and heres to a happy future on the server!
- Aidan

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