Saturday, January 26, 2013

Back to Square One

It feels like eight months ago.

Eight months ago, I was barely a speck of dust to the Internet. Sure on Youtube I had slight success with some videos, but on all of the other social networks I had nothing. Fifteen followers on Twitter, four views on each video I posted, nothing on Google+, etc. People cared somewhat about my videos and not me. I was kind of depressed about that, although really I shouldn't be. However, shortly after acquiring my (now ex) girlfriend, she quickly surpassed me in terms of internet popularity somehow (something to do with furry voodoo magic); she promoted me to her hundreds of followers and I got more views on my content which made me happy.

However, she's gone now. Well, I guess not technically gone, but she's not promoting me anymore. Through my experiences with her I've learned many things. One of which is that I can't rely on others to promote my content. I need to be liked and known not because of sympathy because someones boyfriend is not popular or because I'm some cool chicks boyfriend; I need to be known for me, for what I make. That's not to say that promoting your friend/significant other is bad in any way, and really that couldn't be farther from the truth. But if that's the only reason this person is getting recognized after a while then that's a problem.

So, either I'm not doing a good enough job advertising or maybe the content itself is not good enough. Or maybe I just need more time, though I doubt this because I've been putting content on the web for about two and a half years. And I don't really know how to solve the problem of advertising as I can't really do much with my current financial and social position. But one thing I know I can improve and work more on is the content. I have been starting to make more music lately. In fact, I'm working on two (most likely) full length tracks right now. I am being very heavily inspired by the works of C418 and Owl City as my pieces are starting to have an electronic almost ambient tone to them. For example, while working on one yesterday I thought to myself, "Wow, this would sound really good in a documentary". I am still trying to figure out my unique musical style. Through making the music I'm making I'll hopefully be able to figure it out and use it to my advantage. It would be really cool to eventually make an album and I even have ideas for an album/artist name although those are really just fantasies at this point. Sometime in the future, I might show sneak peaks of these things and make smaller, shorter pieces to expand my musical portfolio.

In short, one thing I have learned is to depend on yourself and not others for what you produce. It's your work, not theirs.

 - Aidan

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