Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Piano Teacher Went Crazy

I had to write this two days after the incident because I didn't have time.

So I went to my piano lesson a few days ago as usual, expecting to have another lesson as usual. My mom had driven by her house thirty minutes earlier (our houses are in the same neighborhood) and she noticed a police car at the house. It was when we actually went to the house that we figured out why the police were there.

We went in, sat down, and listened to the police officer talk to my teacher's husband about "missing persons" and things along those lines. It was after he left that he told us what actually happened.

My teacher had woken up at 7:30 that morning which, according to her husband, was normal. She would sometimes get up, read email, go shopping, things along those lines. He said when he had gotten up at 9:30 and noticed she was gone, he didn't give much thought to it. However, when she didn't come home a few hours later, he started worrying and called a house that she was supposed to go to to give a piano lesson. He told the family to inform him if she never came to the house. She never did.

After that, he got even more worried and started calling her. When that didn't work, he called local hospitals in an attempt to find her. He eventually had to call in to the police and report her as a missing person which was about the time we came. He told us this and would inform us of any updates to the situation.

That night, my friend's parents (my friend happens to go to the same piano teacher as me) took the husband to the airport because he had read on their bank account online that a plane ticket to Washington D.C. had been purchased with their credit card. When they got to the airport, they found their car which she had taken off with; the keys were still in the ignition and the doors were unlocked.

This part of the story I'm a little fuzzy on but I believe what happened next is they called the airport that the plane ticket had gone to and asked the security if they would look in their airport for my teacher after being unsuccessful in the airport they were at. Security agreed and sure enough my teacher had been sitting there for about 7 hours. Thankfully, American Airlines sent her back home on a flight and she's now at home and at a hospital.

Why did this happen? A few years ago, my teacher had a battle with a brain tumor and had to stop teaching for three months. Apparently, the tumor has been growing all this time and affected a part of her brain that made her act the way she did.

I hope she gets better and is able to teach again soon. I don't know how much and how permanent the damage to her brain is, but it might mean I have to switch teachers. Certificate of Merit, an annual piano test I take), is in about two months and I still need practice. I might have to go to another teacher. Not to mention I have a recital next week.

So yeah, this was a weird, disturbing experience for me. Any prayers and thoughts about her would be appreciated.

 - Aidan

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