Saturday, January 5, 2013

Satisfied Customers

So, as you may or may not know, I've started doing commissions for thirty second pieces of music for only $3. I've already made five pieces and you can listen to and download them here. And by the way, if you want information for how to order one, go here.

But anyways, the real point of this blog post was to show some of the emails I've gotten from people who have ordered a piece from me. Along with each quote, I will include a link to a picture of the email, just so you know that I'm not making this stuff up X3 The first one's from the first piece I ever made called "Rue's Getting Angry" for Gir Zim:
"...It most certainly satisfied my requests! I really REALLY like it! And sorry it took so long to reply...

This is excellent! And really cool, so thanks again!

-Zimgir (ᗡog)"
 Photo of email

This next one is from Hybrid when I composed the piece "Approaching the House" for him:

"...i don't mind the wait, it was worth it
i have to say though, i was a little disappointed that the piano was a little overpowered most of the time
but i love that you added the rain and thunder sounds <3
that really helped paint the picture of walking up to an old house
overall it was a great piece, thank you very much"
Photo of email

This next one is for when I did the piece "Into the Cosmos" for @TehDeminz on Twitter and he Tweeted me: 

"@throughthemines That is amazing. @.@ It's a lot more than I was expecting x3 I definitely love spacey music. :3"
Link to Tweet

And by the way, whenever I get one of these my heart pretty much melts inside so thank-you so much to whoever sends me feedback :3

So, I guess if you were still unsure to commission me even after listening to the music, this is more incentive to, I guess X3

Thanks for reading,

 - Aidan

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