Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Server will be Down for at the Most 3 hours for System Update!

Hi everyone,

The day is finally here (for me at least), for the next operating system, OSX Lion, is here to download. Since I want this to go as quickly as possible, I've decided to shut down the servers to get peak download speed (since I'm downloading a 3.5 GB file). But, like I said, they should be up in three hours at the most (It will most likely be two). Thanks for being patient everyone and if you have a compatible Mac, go download it right now!

- Aidan

Edit: It just finished downloading. The installation should take a little more then 30 minutes.

Edit 2: Wow, this took a lot faster then I thought. It should be only 40 minutes before the server's back up!

Edit 3:  And it's done! You can get both servers now. Plus now I can access server files again. Yay!

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