Monday, July 25, 2011


Hi everyone,

I just thought some people would like to know some statistics and milestones on my Youtube channel and the server. Here they are:


  • The world folder (Not the entire server folder) is up to almost 1.4 GB!
  • Thimble Lake City has joined our server (which probably got us up to that file size). I really enjoy not seeing just Moog City all the time. Thanks to Emilio Gutierrez for his amazing work on that city and thanks for letting me steal it (:
  • In June, we transitioned from a regular Minecraft Server to a Bukkit one. It's been amazing. I love Bukkit! (Run a regular server? Get Bukkit here:
  • We have been griefed three or four times *Sarcastic "Yay"*
  • I think we have registered about 10 people on the server... I really wish I had more. Please contact me if you want to be on the server.
  • I launched a survival server (not many people have noticed though)! You can join this server if you want too. Its a bare bones regular Minecraft server.


  • One of the reasons I decided to write this post is because we recently passed... 15,000 total video views on all of my videos. It's a start.
  • Almost half of those views is How to Build an Automated Boat Dock which has 7 ½ thousand views. 
  • An interestion tidbit is that over 60% of my viewers are from outside the U.S. The country who has the most views other the the U.S. is the Netherlands. Interesting...
  • And we have 22 subscribers.

Plans for the Future 0_o

  • I'm thinking about maybe doing some time lapse videos of some big structures.
  • Maybe tutorials... (On what though!?!)
  • I was also thinking about maybe doing some videos of me playing some Minecraft songs. Sebastian Wolff ( hasn't made any more sheet music for Minecraft yet... Maybe I could possible conjure up some of my own. Maybe I could even create a whole different channel for piano in the future. (By the way, if you play piano and video games, Sebastion has tons of sheet music for you to play. He has Portal music too)

Or maybe I'm just tired and making up weird ideas.

Anyway, hope you like this post,

- Aidan

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