Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Best. Thesis. Ever.

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I know I don't write a lot on this blog. I wish I had more things to talk about and more time -_-

But anyways, I did have something I wanted to share with the world this Wednesday evening.

So, at school I'm in Honors English AP (not to brag or anything) and we're working on planning and setting up a paper with the topic of entertainment and it's influence in society (agreeing and supporting whether it's good, bad, or a little of both). Today we took some thesis statements from various students and put them on the board. The whole point of this is to critique and fix errors in our thesis statements so that not only them learn, but the entire class get help. My English teacher is standing up there, talking about the various thesis statements on the board (lots of them were very wordy) and then we come to this little gem:

"Since the dawn of entertainment and media, society has experienced dark age, marked by a decrease in moral activity and a decline in the innocence and joys of life."

My English teacher broke out in laughter after reading the first five sentences and so did the entire class, including me. It was hilarious and it's one of the reasons English is my favorite class. Another interesting note was that not one person in the class noticed this thesis on the board before my teacher got to it.

After laughing for about two minutes, the class finally settled down slightly and my teacher decided she should come back to it later.

There's just so much good stuff in this thesis:

"Since the dawn of entertainment..."

What, are we watching a nature documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman?

"...society has experienced dark age..."

"Society has made us all poor, dirty peasants,  plagued not by the black death, but by the torture and sadness that entertainment brings". I mean really now!

"...decline in the innocence and joys of life."

Well, innocence is correct, but joys of life? Sure, more you get a more wholesome and filling experience spending time with a loved one or friend, but most of our life is not spend talking to another person. And doing things associated with entertainment with another person (such as going to a movie, playing a video game together, etc.) can not only by wholesome, but filling and enriching as well.

Plus, the "joys of life" just sounds plain cheesy. X3

But hey, that's just my opinion.

That is my dissection of this wonderfully bad thesis statement. I found it very enjoyable and I hope you did too.

Thanks for reading,

- Aidan


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  2. Thanks for sharing this! I just found it on my class blog!

    1. Really?! Did someone make a post about it and if so, could you link me to it?

  3. You actually posted this on my birthday... haha