Saturday, October 27, 2012

Punishments in School

So, I had the worst P.E. class I've ever had this past week.

We were in class and currently we are playing basketball in small teams. A few people in the class didn't follow instructions or were not sure on what they were supposed to do (e.g. When there's a three against four game, what happens to the rotating of teams to different courts when the final score is tied). My P.E. teacher apparently was tired of this and thus made all the boys do arduous physical activity (the girls apparently were doing everything perfectly in their separate teams). He's an angry man and very easy to set off.

I will assign the following set of exercises to the variable x:

He made us run back and forth across our gym for about three minutes, then made us do fifteen pushups, and finally made us do twenty sit-ups.

So, anyway we were playing as usual and I guess someone did something wrong so he finally cracked and made us do x. Then he lined us up on a line, yelled at us, and put us into teams again.

Then we start playing again. One person did something wrong and guess what? We do x again. He then yells at us some more and puts us into new teams.

This would be bad enough. But then, he makes us do x again after another person screwed up. He didn't put us into new teams but after that no one screwed up again and we played basketball peacefully for the next 6 minutes.

My teacher is using a technique that I think is flawed. What he should do is instead of punishing the people who have followed his orders and do well in the class (like me; I've always been respectful and good to him, I've only forgotten my clothes for one P.E. class ever in high school, and I've averaged about an 8:15 mile) is punish the ones he thinks are misbehaving. Go tell them to do x instead of making all the boys in the class do it. Because of this, my chest/arm have been hurting usually pretty badly since the day after that class and it's been really annoying.

But maybe this was worth it. I mean, it was annoying having him switch our teams (originally, I had a really good team and he ruined it) because of people acting out and it seemed like this worked. Everyone was scared into making sure they did everything right. However, it was hard and it hurt me afterwards so I still think he should have punished the bad kids instead of the good, innocent ones.

Just a thought Mr. B,

 - Aidan

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