Sunday, October 21, 2012

State of My Youtube Channel

Well, since my girlfriend recommended I do a blog on this I will!

So, if you've noticed (or probably not noticed) I haven't posted a video in about a month.

This is bad. But there are reasons:

  1. The biggest reason is I get (basically) no support. Yes, I know I need to put out frequent videos (or at least videos on a decent schedule) to gain supporters but I did that for about a year. I got very little in support. I maybe get a comment every two weeks if I'm lucky and I get about and average of 10 views on every video I make. So, as you can see it wastes my time and is basically pointless if I make videos for a wall. It's very frustrating.
  2. I have very little time. Ever since school started, I've barely had time to do the things related to video games. I haven't played Minecraft in about a month, the last time I watched any Youtube subscription feeds was a week ago, and I generally just play very little video games now. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I don't have the time. I have school work, piano, and a girlfriend to take care of and I go to sleep at about 12 every night.
So, those are some legitimate reasons for me not posting videos. My girlfriend (@Rainbow_Foxy on Twitter) loves my videos and it's one of the reasons she started liking me. 

Trust me, I like making videos. There's just no point right now. If I could be doing better things with my time than making videos for no one, then why would I waist my time doing that?

My girlfriend wants to record something with me (like, while she's in the room sort of thing). She's also going to spread the word about this to her followers (she has a lot more than me and I don't know why >_<). Hopefully this can garner enough attention.

I don't think anybody out there cares about me, my videos, my blog, or my Twitter but if you do or have the slightest interest in what I do, thank-you. Any word of encouragement makes me feel ecstatic inside and you can send me message via Twitter if you'd like (@throughthemines). 

What happens if this totally fails?

Well, if after a certain period of time I get nowhere with the videos and nothing seems to be working then I guess I could rebrand my channel. My main interest is music and I could rebrand my channel as "Aidan Jones" or something and try my hand at music; maybe do covers of things, record music, write my own music, etc. Basically, it would be centered around music. I already have musical videos on my channel right now but it's not the main focus. If people obviously don't want to watch me play video games, then maybe they'll want to watch me do things with music. This would also mean I would get more into Soundcloud.

Will you delete your channel or remove your videos from Youtube if this happens?

No. I am actually quite proud of the videos I've made and believe they are of good quality. I will most likely just switch the theme and rename the channel.

So there's what's happening. If you've been reading this, God bless you. If you like what I do, tell your friends, your grandpa, your neighbors, anybody!

Thank-you from the bottom of my heart,

- Aidan


  1. I think u shud continue ur vids espshally if u think their fun, and if ur gf loves dem.

  2. Hey man, you should continue making videos. Your gaming ones are cool, and so is the music. You should do both but on the same channel. Not to mention your girlfriend likes them (a lot apparently). If you like making em, continue to do so, dude. You don't needa post super often to be a great YouTuber. Just gotta have good material.

    1. Thank-you random citizen :) I'll put out the best content I can.